Spend Now And Save Later

When I first opened my hair salon, I can’t tell you how overwhelming the process was. For me, the process of securing the funds, getting the equipment, furniture and hiring staff was the easiest part. It was keeping track of the daily operations that had my head spinning. I guess for a salon with just a moderate amount of clients and staff, this wouldn’t be difficult to handle at all. However, I had gone from booth renting to owning a salon with 20 stylists and literally hundreds of clients. Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I complaining about that one bit. However, when it comes to keeping track of everyone, that is where the real difficulty began.

As a booth renter, I was only responsible for myself and my clients which consisted of around 30 loyal customers and a couple of walk-ins here and there. I had my trusty little pink binder that I kept all of my client information from their name to the last treatment they received and what formula I used. Keeping my client book updated was pretty easy as I would just notate it during and right after the service. However, with such a large client base as well as more than 20 stylists to keep track of, jotting down notes in a book wasn’t going to quite work for me.

I began to search for various different software that I could use as a way of keeping my books, logging client information as well as handling other aspects of my daily operations. While searching for salon software, I happened to run across a few listings for a touch screen pos system. At the time, this was something that was very new, at least to me, and so I had to do a little research. I found that getting one of these machines will allow me to handle so many things at once all from one stationary system. With this machine being a cash register and a computer in one, it could be used for ringing up a customer, as well as storing or updating information from the customer to the staff. At the same time, all of my sales would be tracked and easily accessible as well as other pertinent information regarding the salon.

I must admit that I was very apprehensive when it came to getting anything other than a traditional cash register as I was under the impression that I didn’t need the added expense. However, although it would have been massively cheaper for me to just purchase a basic cash machine and continue to manually log information, it would have cost me more in the long run. I would have paid with my time and in this industry, just like many others, time is definitely money. Not only does having such a system help with record-keeping, but it also improved our customer service. Now, no matter who services the client, they have immediate access to the client’s service history all at the push of a button.